Panaché Fête Suprême - 3 bottles

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Immerse yourself in the exclusive world of our 3-bottle Château Saint Louis box, a showcase capturing the soul of our vineyard. This prestigious box reveals our three most renowned creations:

  • "Extremethe pearl of our château, is an exceptional nectar, born of the most remarkable years. This subtle blend of 50% Négrette and 50% Cabernet Franc embodies all the elegance and delicacy of our terroir.
  • "Bubble Loanour sparkling Chardonnay cuvée, crafted using the art of the traditional Champagne method, is a symphony of freshness and fruity notes, perfect for enhancing your festivities.
  • Visit "Chardonnay from our estate, winner of a gold medal at the Lyon international competition, charms with its exquisite harmony between a generously aromatic nose and a rich, unctuous texture on the palate.

This assortment is an invitation to discover the varied flavors and abundance of our wines, each reflecting the singular identity of our estate, which is committed to respectful, organic farming.



A creation reserved for phenomenal years, " Extreme "is a symphony of 50% Négrette and 50% Cabernet Francembodying refinement, grace and mineral depth. Grown on ancestral lands (Négrette from 1965 and Cabernet Franc from 1977), each bunch is hand-picked, demonstrating meticulous care. Vinification lasts 3 weeks, followed by ageing in oak barrels for 12 to 14 months, with minimal use of sulfite and natural leavening, ensuring unparalleled authenticity. Our 30 hectaresdedicated to a organic farmingis home to vines with an average age of 35 years, immersed in soil rich in boulbène, sandy loam and clay. To taste this wine is to explore an unparalleled aromatic complexity, combining peony, black fruit and a touch of wood, supported by silky tannins. Perfect for sublimating delicate dishes, noble meats and mature cheeses, or as a distinguished aperitif.

Bubble loan

Bubble loan" our elegant sparkling cuvée is made exclusively from Chardonnay according to méthode traditionnelle champenoise. Early harvesting guarantees moderate alcohol content. Vinification takes place in two stages: first in temperature-controlled vats, then in the bottle for the second fermentation, thus preserving aromatic integrity. After maturation in the cellar, the wine is carefully disgorged and sealed. Our vines of 30 hectares at organic farmingwith an average age of 25, benefit from a terroir enriched with boulbène, sandy loam and clayThis wine has fresh, captivating aromas of white peach and pear, enhanced by hints of citrus, and a lively, harmonious mouthfeel. Ideal for festive toasts, sweet treats and special celebrations.


Our " Chardonnay" the quintessential grape variety, is one of the jewels in the crown of our vineyards. Château Saint Louis. It is distinguished by a perfect harmony between an expressive bouquet and a rich yet delicate texture on the palate. Vinification begins with gentle pressing and cold settling, followed by maceration on lees and temperature-controlled fermentation. Approximately 80% of the wine matures in French oak barrels for 4 months, the remainder in concrete tanks. On tasting, this Chardonnay offers an enchanting nose of white fruit and pear, with hints of hazelnut, leading to a lingering finish with spicy accents. An ideal companion for refined dishes such as lamb crépinettes with Chavignol crottin or monkfish brochettes with smoked bacon. This cuvée, crowned with a gold medal at the Lyon international competition in 2022, is a tribute to the richness of our terroir.

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