Passion rouge - 6 bottles


Our exclusive collection of Saint-Louis red wines is an invitation to explore the diversity and richness of organic wines. This carefully selected assortment includes six unique bottles, each offering a distinct character and singular personality. These wines promise a varied and rewarding taste experience, perfectly suited to connoisseurs and new wine lovers alike.

The range is made up of different cuvées: "Cuvée Tradition", a balanced and harmonious gold medal-winning blend, "Esprit", a wine made from old vines, structured and charming, and "La Tour Saint Louis", an ideal choice for aperitifs or white meat dishes. Next come "Esprit Gaulois", a supple, well-structured wine, perfect for stewed dishes, "Libéré du Soufre", a 100% Négrette wine with no added sulfur, and "Naturellement Négrette", a fresh, fine cuvée. Each bottle in this selection is a unique expression of Saint-Louis terroir and know-how, offering a palette of flavors that will appeal to every palate.


Discover our exclusive selection from red wines from Saint-Louisa assortment meticulously selected for connoisseurs and organic wine lovers. This offer includes six separate bottleseach with its own unique personality and a distinctivenesspromising a a rich and varied taste experience.

1. Cuvée Tradition

A blend of Pinot Saint Georges, Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Syrahthis vintage " Tradition "from Château Saint Louis seduces with its harmonious, gourmet expression. Partly raised in oak barrelit offers a bouquet of red fruitswith hints of violet and liquorice, perfect as an aperitif or to accompany a meal. meats and cheeses. Gold medallist at the Feminalise 2021 Competition.

2. Spirit

L'Spirit of Saint-Louisdeveloped from old vinesis mainly a combination of Negrette with Cabernet Franc. This wine structured and charmingraised entirely in oak barrelreveals a balance between fruity and spicy aromasideal for elaborate dishes such as beef fillet en croûte.

3. Saint Louis Tower

Simple and immediately enjoyable, this cuvée from theIGP Comte Tolosanwith aromas of red berries andspicesis an excellent choice as an aperitif or to accompany white meat dishes.

4. Gaulish spirit

Visit second wine of the estate, Gaulish spiritis a combination of Pinot Saint Georges, Cabernet Franc and Gamay. It is distinguished by its flexibility and its mellow tanninsand is ideal for simmered dishes or the game.

5. Sulfur free

This wine 100% Négrette with no added sulphur Lyon 2022 international competitionis a pure expression of terroirwith notes from fruits of the forest. It is the perfect accompaniment to southwestern dishes.

6. Naturellement Négrette

A vintage 100% Négrette, fresh and fineaged in vats to bring out the best in floral and spicy notes of the grape variety. It goes ideally with regional dishes from the South-West.

Each bottle in this box represents theunique expression of terroir and Saint-Louis know-howoffering a palette of flavours which will delight every palate.

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