Organic Chardonnay


Cuvée 100% chardonnay, unique expression revealing a successful association between the grape variety and this terroir of Château Saint Louis.

L'harmony is the result of balance between a nose engaging and expressive, and a mouth pleasantly round.

The grapes underwent a pressing then a settling at low temperatures.

Visit maceration is made on fine spreads.

Visit vinification lasts about three weeks in a thermoregulated manner and ends with a malolactic fermentation.


30ha Organic Farming Age of vines: 35 years on average.


Boulbène and sandy silt on the surface and clay at depth.


100% Chardonnay


Pneumatic press pressing, settling at 6°C after 24 hours. Maceration on fine lees for 4 days. Low-temperature vinification (below 18°C) controlled by a cold water exchanger at 6°C. 80% of the blend was vinified and aged for 4 months in French oak barrels. The remainder was vinified and aged in concrete tanks.


Pleasant, engaging nose evoking white-fleshed fruit and pear, with hints of quince and fresh hazelnut. A racy finish combining notes of hazelnut and spice with good persistence.

Wine and food pairing

Crépinettes of lamb with Chavignol crottin, brochettes of monkfish with smoked bacon.


Gold medal at the Lyon 2022 international competition.

This cuvée 100% chardonnaya unique expressionreveals a successful association between the grape variety and this exceptional terroir of Château Saint Louissimilar to the finesse and the complexity found in best dry white wines of the Loire Valley and white Burgundy wines. Like a oak-aged pinot blanc, l'harmony of this cuvée is the result of perfect balance between a engaging nose, very expressive with fruit flavors reminiscent of sauvignon blanc or the burgundy aligotéand a pleasantly round mouthfeel evoking the subtle nuances from best white wines.

Visit grapesselected with the same care as for a Châteauneuf du Pape winehave undergone pressing then a low-temperature settlingensuring controlled sugar content and a optimal residual sugarlike the popular sweet wines all over the world. Visit maceration is made on fine spreadsa technique reminiscent of the delicacy of oak-aged white winesenriching the wine complex aromatic palette and a mouthfeel which goes perfectly with fine food such as the foie gras.

Visit vinificationis carried out over a period of approximately three weeks. temperature-controlled and ends with a malolactic fermentationthe methods used to produce the Côte de Beaune winesrenowned for their finesse and their elegance. 80% assembly has been vinified and aged for 4 months in French oak barrelsa choice that underscores our determination to produce a wine of the highest quality. comparable quality at pinot noir and others great Burgundy winesoffering a outstanding alternative at white wine sweet for wine lovers with complex, well-balanced aromas.

Visit vineyardextending over 30ha in Organic Agriculture with a average vine age of 35 yearsis planted on a terroir of boulbène and sandy silt on the surface and clay at depthan ideal environment reminiscent of prestigious terroirs of the Loire Valley. The tasting reveals a pleasant, engaging nose evoking not only the white-fleshed fruit, the pearbut also notes of quince and fresh hazelnut, racy finish combining notes of hazelnut and spice with a good persistencefeatures worthy of best white wines who have conquered the connoisseurs from all over the world.

All in all, this vintage is a celebrating French wine traditionsbrilliantly combining modern winemaking techniques to therich heritage from emblematic wine regionsoffering a an unforgettable tasting experienceto meet the expectations of the most demanding wine lovers.

Adding to this rich tapestry of flavours, the sweet and soft and white Burgundy wines occupy a special place in the hearts of wine lovers. These varieties, appreciated for their harmonious smoothness and aromatic complexity, illustrate the diversity and richness of French wines. Their renown transcends borders, seducing palates all over the world. worldwide. Their ability to delicately balance sugar and acidity makes them ideal companions for a variety of foods, enriching every tasting occasion. These wines, with their distinct personalities, continue to capture the imagination of oenophiles across the globe, testifying to the universality and timeless appeal of France's wine heritage.

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