The Extreme


This unique wine is only produced during exceptional vintages. The cuvée is a blend of 50% of Negrette and 50% Cabernet Franc. This long-keeping wine is characterized by its finessehis elegance and its minerality.

The grapes, meticulously harvested by hand, come from the finest vineyards. old plots dating respectively from 1965 for the Négrette and 1977 for the Cabernet Franc.

After destemming, the grapes are strides and incuvés with very few sulfite but enough natural leaven to lead the fermentation without deviation. Vinification lasts about 3 weeks, and after several fillingthe wine is aged in barrels for 12 to 14 months. 


30ha in Organic Agriculture
Age of vines: 35 years on average.


Boulbène and sandy silt on the surface and clay at depth.

Grape varieties

80% Pinot Saint Georges (Négrette)
15% Malbec
5% Cabernet Franc


Hand-harvested. Vinification carried out with very few sulfites and indigenous yeasts. Vinification lasted 3 weeks, and after several rackings, the wine was aged in barrels for 13 months.


A captivatingly complex aromatic palette: peony enhances black fruits (blackcurrant and blackberry), on a lightly woody background. Its full-bodied aromas (fruity vanilla) are underlined by a framework of well-melted tannins.

Wine and food pairing

With hearty dishes, red meats and cheeses. Also great as an aperitif with a black Bigorre ham. Beef filet en croûte or roast woodcock with chanterelles.

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